Bathroom Tile


Tile Installers Orlando

Let our professional tile installers transform your bathroom into a work of art. Our team of tile setters can do everything from tile full showers, tub surrounds, and flooring to a complete renovation of your bathroom. 

Shower Tile Installation

In addition to adding a valuable design element to your bathroom, a shower tile install makes bathroom cleanup a breeze. A strong, versatile material such as tile has what it takes to stand up to mold and mildew and protect against water stains.

If you are looking to install tile in a shower, you can count on the tile contractors here at Woodruff for lasting, professional results.

Tile Floor Installation

Floor tiles are an excellent option to completely transform your bathroom and home. Not only does the installation of tile add value to your home, but it can be a practical solution for areas that receive a lot of high foot traffic and water splashes, and should be easy to clean.

A beautiful tile installation will add the perfect combination of elegance and durability to that dull looking bathroom. Tile floors are a common upgrade in a bathroom to replace that old, worn out vinyl flooring. Tile floors have a much better appearance and provides a more comfortable surface for your bathroom.

Wall Tile Installation

While floor tile will affect the overall look of a room it is mostly covered by furniture, rugs, etc.  Wall tile, on the other hand, is at eye level and can really make a design statement. Your options are less limited when it comes to wall tile because you have such a vast array of finishes. Most tile comes in matching floor and wall for a coordinated look, but with walls, you can also get raised patterns to add much more dimension.